Privacy Manager

The Privacy Manager is perfectly suited for Data Protection Officers, Privacy Officers and the members of their privacy teams to plan and document their activities and monitor the status of GDPR accountability achieved by their organisations. 

a) Planning and documenting
Managing this complex responsibility is exactly what the Privacy Manager has been designed for: to translate the GDPR into a transparent and practical Plan-Do-Check-Act approach which allows the privacy activity based implementation of:

  • creating and maintaining a register of processing operations
  • setting up training and awareness programs
  • managing and reducing information security risks
  • creating and maintaining privacy statements
  • managing and handling requests and complaints
  • setting up procedures for data breach management
  • monitoring new and existing processing practices
  • collecting and maintaining means of proof
  • demonstrating the execution of all required privacy activities

b) Monitoring and compliance
In order to meet these GDPR requirements (57 privacy activities), the Privacy Manager enables DPOs and Privacy Officers to also monitor and manage the timely, complete and correct execution by individual privacy team members, ultimately resulting in GDPR accountability.

c) Workflow management
The Privacy Manager’s workflow management module integrates the handling of complaints, requests and data breaches and their paper trails in an organisation’s day-to-day operations.

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